Big Plans, Japanese Pop, and a Passion for Rock

Big Plans, Japanese Pop, and a Passion for Rock

The live rock show to us is the reason for writing and arranging original rock songs. To us, the show culminates everything we stand for: spectacle, excitement, improvisation, danger, and the completely bizarre. 

That Time We Finally Made A Website...

Welcome friends. Welcome fans. Welcome all…TO THE PARTY OF ALL AGES. Just kidding you guys - this is our new website. Please have a look around!

It is with great enthusiasm that we (John, Tim, Rob, and John) open the doors and share with you our one-stop-shop for all things POLICEMEN IN PICKUPS. We hope this living & breathing corner of the internetz will be a wondrous place…a place bereft of mystery, magic, allure, and fart jokes! Sure you'll get your daily fix of information pertaining to our little North Jersey rock band, but you'll also get so much more. Everything you've ever wanted, in fact.  What a totally awesome, amazing discovery!

So with that, please prepare yourselves for our weekly blogging shenanigans, video updates, and an onslaught of musical content. As always, we aim to please here at PIP HQ, so be sure to let us know what you think by commenting below or sharing across our social networks too.

cheers & beers,
- Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho (aka PIP)