I Remember We Can Talk About Austin TEX.

A few weeks back, the city of Austin, TX became an uninhabitable den of hedonistic debauchery and “meetups” – and Tim was present! That’s right. The South By Southwest (SXSW) festival came upon that big state we’ve all been told not to mess with…and it was a grand olde time.

So, in trying to compile an adequate amount of words to describe the event, we thought we’d instead have him list out why it was so awesome. And without further adieu…

  • I took a picture with Grumpy Cat! She was sleeping, but still, very unhappy. Knock that bitch off the bucket list.
  • I ate at Iron Works BBQ three times (over a period of 7 days), which some might consider an inappropriate amount of times to eat at one place. Sausage Platter fo lyfe, tho. Incredible food was not sparse.
  • I saw Nas speak during a Keynote with a multi-millionaire tech investor/rap aficionado. The atmosphere felt awkward at times (read: the whole time), but it was also one of those “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences you don’t happen upon very often. I dug it.
  • I met some really smart & fantastic people. The Hype Machine folks were especially kind & amazing…as were the ppl at SPIN. And the individuals that attended Interactive? The guys creating Apps & putting amazing New Media shit together? They were TRULY gifted. Probably too much so, and will make the real money in this industry (outside of Lady Gaga scraping Doritos for a clean 2.5Mil at the Fest).
  • Thankfully, I was nowhere near Red River Street when the terrible accident took place w/ the drunk driver. My hotel was a block away, but I was on the other side of town. My heart goes out to those affected.
  • I saw Nardwuar, in the flesh! And he was everything I thought he was going to be.
  • The Reddit meetup was just as awesome as you’d think it would be.
  • The Austin B-cycles were both a lifesaver, and a lot of fun; similar to Citi Bikes in NYC, but much more pleasurable & a bit cheaper.

Perhaps the largest piece of hype to come out of the festival this year was the hooplah about how corporate influence has taken over…in a profoundly negative way. And while I can’t speak for the Austin residents that have to put up with such absurd happenings for the month, I feel it important to call out the changing/unavoidable American lifestyle. What do I mean by that? My 3-year-old nephew already has 20K followers on Instagram & an unbeatable Flappy Bird score. He’s likely had 3 iPhone types already, too. In short: shit has changed since the good old days. Was this music festival better back then? Who’s to say? And why can’t there still be amazing bands to discover & incredible times to be had?! Put simply: choose NOT to eat the bag of Doritos, and choose your own adventure. Make your own takeover. You’ll be damn sure that’s how the Policemen roll, and I think we’re better off.

Until next year!

Forever yours,